Installing Monodevelop 3 with F# support on Ubuntu

After much experimentation and digging around on google groups (special thanks to Ibrahim Hadad) I have finally managed to get Monodevelop 3 and F# working together nicely on Ubuntu. These were the steps I took. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

(Update: Knocte has suggested a couple of modifications to simplify the process. These are now reflected below.)

1) sudo apt-get install mono-complete libgdiplus git autoconf libtool

2) Install monodevelop using the script from John Ruiz’ blog:

3) Get F# source and compile:
git clone git://
cd fsharp/
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

4) Run monodevelop. Go to tools, add-in manager, gallery. Install F# language binding.

5) Enjoy!

Monodevelop 3 with F# bindings



15 thoughts on “Installing Monodevelop 3 with F# support on Ubuntu

  1. I followed the instructions above, however when I open monodevelop and try to compile a simple F# program I get the error “Error: Framework ‘.NETFramework 4.5’ not installed.”
    When I go to Edit->Preferences->.NET Runtimes I see that Mono is my default runtime. Is there a reason I’m getting this error or a way to work around it?

  2. The following guide is from my little experience created by soulstrip
    How we install a parallel Mono Runtime of the latest Mono Runtime , Monodevelop and the functional programming language Fsharp to Ubuntu OS.

    1.First install the prerequisites
    sudo apt-get install mono-complete libgdiplus git autoconf libtool build-essential

    2.Visit Nikita Tsukanov git page and in the pop up menu press install or follow the guide ( link – )

    2a)After selecting install from the browser pop up window
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install Monodevelop

    3. Download the latest Mono Runtime
    git clone git://

    4.Goto mono folder and run the autogen with the ––prefix which says where the Mono Runtime will be installed
    cd mono
    sudo ./ –prefix=/opt/mono

    5.Compile Mono Runtime

    6.Install Mono Runtime
    sudo make install

    7.This is the file that it will tell the environment to use the appropriate Mono Runtime
    gedit ~/mono-dev-env

    and we paste the following script inside the opened file in gedit
    export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$MONO_PREFIX/include:$GNOME_PREFIX/include
    export ACLOCAL_PATH=$MONO_PREFIX/share/aclocal
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$MONO_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig: $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig
    export PATH=$MONO_PREFIX/bin:$PATH

    8. The Mono-Addins are needed by Monodevelop in order to load properly so we download them using git
    git clone git://

    9.Goto the mono-addins folder and run the autogen in the folder we installed the latest Mono-Runtime
    cd mono-addins
    sudo ./ –prefix=/opt/mono

    11.Compile Mono-addins and install
    sudo make && sudo make install

    12.This is an extra step for installing Fsharp functional programming language
    Download using git
    git clone git://

    13.Goto folder fsharp and run autogen with the ––prefix of latest mono folder
    cd fsharp
    sudo ./ –prefix=/opt/mono

    14.Compile Fsharp

    15.Install FSharp
    sudo make install

    16.Use the new Enviroment of the latest Mono-Runtime
    source ~/mono-dev-env

    17. We Run Monodevelop from Unity Menu

    18. We choose from the Monodevelop Menu,
    -> Tools ->Addin Manager -> Gallery -> Language bindings -> Fsharp Language Binding

    19.Notice that if we will create a new Fsharp solution we shall tell Monodevelop where to find the Reference of Fsharp.Core.dll
    Add References->Browse to folder which we have git cloned Fsharp

    And that’s it!
    Happy programming.

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